The Skyrian horse

The Skyrian horses need us.

Only 270 specimens left in the world!
Picture: Elena Kanaki

The small horses need your support

We support the efforts for the conservation of the Skyrian horse.

In Mouries Farm, the efforts for the conservation of the Skyrian horse started in 1995, and have been intensified since 2011 with the creation of the non-profit organisation « Skyrian horse breeding and conservation centre » which owns the greatest number of horses worldwide.

The small-sized Skyrian horse is one of the few living primitive breeds of horse on the planet. The mechanisation of agriculture as well as the development of sheep and goat breeding on the island of Skyros competed with the Skyrian horse and brought the species on the verge of extinction. The efforts for the conservation of the breed which were led during the last decades have started to bear fruit. In 2006, the Ministry of Agriculture opened a five-year programme which aimed at supporting rare Greek animal breeds. However, the financial support was only granted during the first two years of the programme, after what the food subsidy stopped. No other programme has opened since then to support this rare breed. As horse breeding is becoming increasingly difficult, this has been a real blow for the owners who are facing great difficulties to go on with the reproduction process.

The annual cost of each horse has been estimated at 500 euros, covering only its food and basic medical care.

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Picture: Elena Kanaki

The Skyrian horse

Sociable, intelligent, friendly: this defines the Skyrian horse well.

The Skyrian horse is an ancient Greek breed which survived only in Skyros and which nowadays numbers around 190 specimens on the island and 270 specimens worldwide. It is a small-sized breed unique in the world, and scientifically called Equus caballus Skyriano.Due to its size inferior to 1.48m, it should be classified as a pony. But despite its maximal size of 1.15m, the anatomy of its body shows clear characteristics of a horse and sets the Skyrian horse in a category of its own. The Skyrian horses are characterised by a long and thick mane, a peculiar body-type, and a calm nature which makes them very friendly to people and particularly adapted for hippotherapy and as children mounts. They constitute an indivisible part of the island’s tradition: their participation in social and economic life on Skyros used to be important since they took part in agricultural works such as ploughing and threshing.

Picture: Elena Kanaki

Our farm’s endeavour

The 45 horses currently living on Mouries Farm constitute the biggest herd of Skyrian horses worldwide.

Our horses thus represent a fourth of the population of the island. We know each horse by its name, we live with them and take care of them every single day with much love and attention! A good example is Elpida, a mare who lost one of her hind feet when she was one month old due to the lack of vet on the island, but is still living among us today thanks to many laborious efforts that led to the prosthetic limb made specifically for her by a Greek doctor. Learn more

We wish to express our deep gratitude to Dr Periklis Nikopoulos, specialist in orthopaedic appliances, for the free manufacture and fitting of Elpida’s prosthesis and for his continuous help in this matter. The purpose of Mouries Farm and the non-profit organisation we have created is mainly the conservation of the breed, the worldwide recognition of the efforts carried out to this end, as well as the collection and management of resources that will participate in the achievement of our main goal.

The long-term goal of the organisation is the creation of a herd of horses and its reintroduction into their natural environment, in Kochylas Mountain.

On Mouries Farm, we have developed a series of activities related to the horses in which visitors or volunteers can take part or which they can follow.

Picture: Elena Kanaki

The experience

The Skyrian horses invite you to live an unforgettable experience with them.

Come and visit Skyros for a holiday and live unique and carefree moments in nature. Come and ride with us on the paths and beaches around the farm. Come and see the threshing of the fava in June. Come and learn about our story and that of our place. Come and live with us an unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience in nature. Come and discover the natural habitat of the Skyrian horse. Visiting Skyros is the most direct and effective way, the first step, toward the conservation of the Skyrian horse.

Get to know our horses
  • Volunteers

    Mouries Farm is part of a volunteering programme for young women and men from all over the world who are interested in contributing to the care and breeding of the horses. The farm provides food and accommodation to the volunteers who in return participate in the everyday feeding, watering and general care of the horses.

    Do not hesitate to contact us for more information regarding the volunteering programme

  • Visitors

    If you wish to visit the island and our farm, we can help you by providing you with information and advice. Upon communicating with you, we will see to facilitating your stay on the island by suggesting local accommodation, transportation means and entertainment on the island all year round. It is particularly worth participating in the Festival of the Skyrian Horse in June and the Fava Festival in July, on which occasion we organise specific activities according to the manifestation programme of the year. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. You are more than welcome to support our work by visiting our Farm.

How can you help?

The Skyrian horses need your support!

That’s the reason why they invite you to live this experience by their side. If however it is difficult for you to visit the island, you can still help from home in the following ways:

  • Donation

    Through PayPal

  • Donation

    By direct bank transfer on the account of the organisation

    National Bank of Greece account number: 807/480012-54
    Iban: GR4401108070000080748001254

  • Sponsorship

    You can adopt a horse and provide the financial support necessary to cover its annual food and medical needs.

    For more information please get in contact with us.

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    Kalikri Skyros, Skyros S. Evvoias, ΤΚ. 34007.
    Contact Us: Manolis Trachanas,
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